Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crance Radio Show


The inestimable DJ Petrushka premiered &
hosted the entire CRANCE comp on
Sound-Unsound Wadio at

It was a good show & actually
acquired more listeners as it continued.

Here's a link for the
recorded show-


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Outtake Crance Track By MC Stoneface

MC Stoneface wouldn't let me use this track
on the full Crance collection.

But after he saw the good response the comp
got & the actual web site,
he gave me this outtake track as a bonus.

This one was a surefire crowd-splitter,
with the large part hating it right away.
Always fun for the Crance DJ.


Crance Cover By Crea

Here's a fantastic art cover to

Devised & executed by the talented Crea.
More Crea here-

Monday, November 3, 2008

Four Crance DJ's

A rare shot of four of us
In a mood after recording tracks for this album.

The Last Crance Poster

This poster for the Last Crance compilation
features a pic of the last show.

Only three pics did I ever find.
Sadly no shots of the stage.
I blame the liquor!
-DJ Useo

The Last Crance-A North American Crance Music Compilation

There was a temporary Crance music scene here in
Michigan,USA for the last 2 years.

Some offline dj's liked to gather at a few clubs
that were tolerant & play what could only be
described as 'noise mashups'.

Deciding to quit the shows before they burned out
on the style,it was decided to do one last show
as a thank you to the dedicated fans who always
supported the scene.

This collection was arranged by me,DJ Useo
as a giveaway at the Last Crance show.

Thanks to all the dj's who agreed to let me
collect these tracks,which were among the most popular
at the events.I appreciate your overlooking your distrust
of internet dj's & letting me participate.
Especially Snoutbox,& Ben There.

Also thanks to the brave club owners who gave us a chance.
Sorry we drove so many patrons away.Lol!

The Last Crance-A North American Crance Music Compilation
01-SnoutBox-Falling Rock
(Raymix vs Oasis vs Chemical Brothers)
02-DJ Useo-Ear Pain (August Remix Extended Version)
(Benedictine Monks Of St.Michaels vs City Of Prague Philharmonic
Orchestra vs High School Cheerleaders vs The Why vs M. Quayutinuag
& M Tavaluk vs Manchurek Khen vs Pierre Garnier vs Kirk Nurack)
03-Von Mouthoff-Crance Destroyed Her Image
(Despertar De Apacibles vs Francois Bayle vs Charles Dodge)
04-Jim Warfare-Has It Come To Solution (Williams Mix)
(Pete Tong vs John Cage vs The Streets)
05-The Dee Of Jay--Keep Da Explanation Alive
(Riot 303 vs Observer vs The Shamen vs Alvin Curran)
06-MC Stoneface-Everybody Mutate
(DJ Teeno vs Gavin & Nox vs Jean-Claude Risset vs Holger Czukay)
07-Ben There-One Way Robot
(Neils Van Gogh vs Marc Mendezz vs Oliver Swab vs Crea1a)
08-The Gumbyoids-To Be With W.C. Fields Forever
(Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera vs Firesign Theatre)
09-DJ Bootlegg-Spoonojoy
("Miracle Spoon" vs El Filosofo vs David Tudor vs Joy Kitikonti)
10-DJ Scrachity-Jimi Pink Led
(Pink Floyd vs Jimi Hendrix Experience vs Led Zeppelin vs
Run-DMC vs Defected)
11-DJ Def-Y-Dopenose Again
(Joey Riot vs Technotrance feat. Angel Eyez vs
Weezer vs El-Tone f/ Pamela)
12-Sir Crancelot-The Salmon Crance
(Chemical Brothers vs Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart vs DJ Greatest)

Direct link here-
Download 1

Extra link here-
target="_blank">Download 2